Hospital management System Essential Modules


Hospital information software

Hospital information software is one of the necessary tools to be included in your hospital management. As you can see, hospitals are the busiest places and always loaded up with inquires. Management needs to be handled with great care and an in-depth analysis of the on-going situation. eCare software needs to be designed according to the setup of any scale of the hospital. If you are thinking to get shifted on a hospital information system software must look into the system for these modules. Only a perfect combination of modules can let your organization succeed. A hospital ERP is an integrated information system designed to manage the administrative, financial, and clinical aspects of a hospital.

 An essential part of a hospital is its patient, and it is the base of a hospital. eCare software needs to cover the management of patients in a very efficient way. There are two types of patent management to be taken care of.

Patient Management Module:

1.In-patient Management: System needed to be designed for patient registration, filter clinic, emergency room, appointment maintenance, OPD and more

2.Outpatient Management: System intended at admission, physician order, patient progress, clinical summary, examination sheet, medication order, discharge summary and more

 Now let us come to the second most crucial aspect of medical service management. This module helps to aid the patients and ease the life of doctors.

Medical Services Module:

1.OT Management: System needs to have a feature to get control of operation theatre management and synchronization capabilities.

2.Pharmacy Management: module must address the demands of a pharmacy department and help pharmacists monitor how a medication is used in hospitals

3.Laboratory Information System: Systems dedicated for Registration, billing, contract management, accounts receivables, work list, processing and reporting, Quality control, barcode - generation, printing and reading, in-built bi-directional interfaces with equipment

Proper administration can let everything in a hospital go perfect. In eCare software materials and finance, maintenance is required. These modules help to regulate operations and help to maintain the need of the interiors to accommodate the hospitals.

Administration Module

1.Inventory Management module: System designed for inventory Item maintenance (medical and non-medical). Helps to notify the requirements of upgrading items. These modules maintain the existing elements and on one click can tell you the exact location of the kept thing.

2.Billing Management: System for finance management abilities which can help in maintaining accounts and hospitals expenditures. Budgeting is an essential thing to keep everything up to the mark. While choosing a system for your hospital, you need to be very careful. Always first consult with the IT person and list of the requirements of your hospital structure. On the bases of your requirements, check if the hospital information software matches your organization's needs or not. Many amazing systems are available in the market, and ecareHIS is one of them. SolutionDots Systems design this information system. eCareHIS is available at a very reasonable price with multiple modules to ease your hectic routines. One of the best things is these modules can be modified according to your requirements and have a very user-friendly interface.

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